New Valiz titles

New Valiz titles

Queer Exhibition Histories
Bas Hendrikx (ed.)

In the histories of art exhibitions that we know, LGBTQIA+ artists and curators have always been underexposed or forgotten. This new title in the PLURAL series focuses on these forgotten and hidden histories, by scrutinizing a wide variety of exhibitions and other presentations by LGBTQIA+ artists and curators. View full details 

Productive Archiving: Artistic Strategies, Future Memories, and Fluid Identities
Ernst van Alphen (ed.)

Productive Archiving discusses a variety of problems of archival organizations. It mainly focuses on the following three issues that are usually overlooked: first, the question of inclusion in or exclusion from the archive; second, the loss of individuality in the archive, the danger of homogenization; and third, that archiving may become a form of pigeonholing, boxing specific identities into a confined space. View full details

Let's Become Fungal! Mycelial Teachings and the Arts
Yasmine Ostendorf-Rodriguez

There is a growing interest in fungi and mycelium as a material, the ever-branching connecting threads of the fungal world. The entanglements and how this rhizomatic network functions is not just a fascinating ecological system and material, but carries a profound usefulness as a metaphor for our potential new systems, ways of thinking and behaviors. View full details

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