New: VAT Free Bags by Gizem Üstüner

The VAT Free Bags are by artist Gizem Üstüner, part of her seriesLow-Budget ProjectsLow-Budget Projectsconcerns the precarious aspect of the everyday politics of freelance life, such as the stress of an unpaid bill or rent, an overdue visa application fee or invoice, a rejected or unanswered funding proposal, an imbalance of many side jobs with temporary or no contracts, a negotiation with an employer for fair paid hours, and many more.

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New: A Janitor's Manifesto

The Janitor knows each corner — memorizes the nooks and crannies; the shapes of pipes; the location of light switches; the lock for every key. Jangle jangle jangle. The particular tone of these florescent lights — that gets the mind humming . . . And, in the absurd repetition of basal manual labour, the mind goes wandering. The space of reminiscence. The space of longing-for. You remember right?

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Making Kin: Animal Series

Non-human animals have played an important role in western culture, from children’s fables to cartoon and movie characters in popular and occult media. We tend to represent animals as beings that bring us happiness and companionship; how many TikTok videos appear on your feed (if you have social media) of usually domesticated or captive animals being cute and silly, making us laugh or cry, hypnotizing us with their facial expressions and body language? It is undeniable that we have imposed a very humanistic relationship with specific animals (mainly mammals) in today’s capitalist culture.

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Perdu in de Appel shop

Perdu staat voor het stimuleren en onder de aandacht brengen van bijzondere literatuur, en het onderzoeken van de relaties tussen die literatuur, andere disciplines, en culturele en maatschappelijke ontwikkelingen.

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A selection of new records

Futura Resistenza is a Brussels-Rotterdam based record label.
"Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus"

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The Remote Archivist

The Remote* Archivist is a recurring publication from the Archive of de Appel that can also be accessed while the reader is physically distant, or the archive is far away. The distance, and at the same time the fickle proximity of digital platforms is now translated into the tangibility of archivistic messages.
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