de Appel features: Nina Glockner

de Appel features: Nina Glockner

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The body as teacher is an education programme developed by curator of Education at de Appel, David Smeulders. In The body as teacher, we focus on the body and what we can learn, both about ourselves and our environment, by listening, feeling and moving.

In the first chapter of The body as teacher, we explored the intuitive body, sound and silence. This chapter is developed together with Kentalis Signis, a school for students with a communicative multiple disability, Kleintje Kunst and the artists Cathalijne Smulders, Alexandra Loembé, Raoni Saleh and Teresa Costa.

For the second chapter of The body as teacher, de Appel collaborated with artist Nina Glockner and the Kentalis Signis schools for children (3 - 12 years old) with a language development disorder (TOS).

In conversation with de Appel's team member Djuna Spreksel, artist and performer Nina Glockner touches upon topics such as the role of education programmes within cultural institutions, and artistic processes and interactive performances as a means of creating alternative languages to express oneself. 

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