Viktor Timofeev - Exocursion (LP)

Viktor Timofeev - Exocursion (LP)

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It would be hard to find a better soundtrack for these uncertain times than multidisciplinary artist Viktor Timofeev’s latest record Exocursion. In terms of composition and sound design, the album is a progression from his earlier efforts GIVE_HEALTH999 and the long-ago recorded but only recently released Palace of Peace and Reconciliation (both on Lo Bit Landscapes). The music is built from a similar structure of layered guitar loops, orchestral bass chords and manipulated field recordings. Timofeev’s maturation as an artist means that these foundations have been constructed into a more emotionally and conceptually focused whole.

A journey outside of oneself that invites the listener to explore worlds of layered guitar loops, orchestral bass chords and manipulated field recordings, leaving them with a roadmap to a territory that eschews order and embraces the ineffable.
Released January 25, 2021


All tracks written and performed by Viktor Timofeev in Brooklyn-New York in 2019, 2020.
Mixed together with nihiti.
Mastered by Felix-Florian Tödtloff.
Artwork by Viktor Timofeev. Design by Koos Siep.
Text by nihiti.

Futura Resistenza, Rotterdam-Netherlands, 2021.

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