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The Remote Archivist - Series 03

The Remote Archivist - Series 03

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This issue of The Remote Archivist has been compiled by Emma van Meyeren, a writer and DJ based in Amsterdam. Emma’s eyes fell on the work of Mary Beth Edelson, a member of the American feminist network Heresies, who sadly passed away on the 20th of April 2021. We therefore dedicate this issue of The Remote Archivist to Mary Beth Edelson (1933–2021).

For this issue Emma has taken the draft for the performance work Sacred Ritual as a starting point to script her own contemporary ritual. Edelson’s work took the form of performative rituals as a way to honour the ‘feminist foremother’, or ‘goddess’. A registration of her work was screened for the 1978 exhibition Feministische Kunst Internationaal, which was co-presented by de Appel and played an important role in reigniting a contemporary feminist discourse in the Netherlands and abroad, especially through the participation of a comprehensive list of international, female artists.

Maker: Emma van Meyeren
Artist: Mary Beth Edelson
Archivist: Nell Donkers
Designer: Bardhi Haliti
Printer: Drukkerij Raddraaier SSP
Publisher: de Appel
This project is made possible by AFK

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The Remote* Archivist is a recurring publication from the Archive of de Appel that can also be accessed while the reader is physically distant, or the archive is far away. The distance, and at the same time the fickle proximity of digital platforms is now translated into the tangibility of archivistic messages.

On one side of the paper, you will find a record from de Appel Archive; be it from years ago or just yesterday; after all, how fast does an event turn into an archival record? Referring to the leaflets of documentation that de Appel sent to its ‘followers’ in the 1970s, The Remote Archivist commemorates the joy of receiving printed matter in the mailbox. The Remote Archivist will keep you informed about what has taken place and what is yet to become history. On the opposite side of the paper, archive visitors are given space to cherish, celebrate and publish their findings. De Appel Archive is kept alive with a gentle touch, ample attention, and remains ready to be rediscovered, time and time again.

*absent, dreamy, far away, remote control, distant

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