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Tamás Kaszás - exclusive artist edition

Tamás Kaszás - exclusive artist edition

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De Appel editions is a series of exclusive artist editions by artists de Appel collaborated with. 

In edition #03, Tamás Kaszás presents a series of linocut prints. On each image we see a human figure holding a wooden stick, each time with a different purpose, sometimes with additional elements. The stick becomes a carrier stick, a fishing stick, a spear for hunting, a flag pole…

This edition consists of a series of water-based lino prints in colour, Hahnemühle FineArt Skizze 120 gsm acid-free paper, 23 × 18 cm, edition of 25. This edition coincides with the Tamás Kaszás exhibition ‘SCI FI AGIT PROP’, 27 January—31 March 2018.

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