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Soapbox 2.0 Contamination

Soapbox 2.0 Contamination

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In 2019, we singled out contamination as the common thread coursing through the events, conversations, and studies unfolding within our networks. Contamination, it occurred to us, was already present in the metaphors we found others using, and central to some of the core concerns animating interdisciplinary research and theory in the critical humanities.

Soapbox is a student-run publishing platform founded in 2018. It has since promoted scholarly, artistic, and interdisciplinary work that engages provocatively with cultural artefacts, concepts, and contemporary phenomena within the humanities. Soapbox advocates for multiplicity. We encourage the submission of creative, experimental, and boundary-pushing works, as well as more traditional essays that share their differing perspectives on the cultural objects, concepts, and phenomena shaping our worlds. 

Our platform operates both in print, in the form of a peer-reviewed journal, and on the web, where we accept submissions all year-round. The floor is open to students, graduate, and early career researchers, as well as writers and creatives from various backgrounds. We aim to open up the route to publication and to share with new audiences the dynamic work of cultural analysis in the Netherlands and beyond.

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