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Ritual Climate - Moad Musbahi

Ritual Climate - Moad Musbahi

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“Ritual Climate” is a publication produced in conjunction with Samaneh Moafi’s audiovisual installation work Parable of Sugar: By the Waters of Babylon for Fictioning Comfort that traces the story of sugar plantations along contested site of the Dez and Karkheh rivers, and thinks about exhaustion of lands, histories, and bodies. It uses archival photographs, satellite imagery, historical testimonies, social media footage and images taken during Samaneh’s field work. The publication Ritual Climate by Moad Musbahi is a response to Samaneh’s work that thinks about the land and its subterrain through the lens of relation to the dead, burial practices, and pilgrimage (ziyara). It thinks about a ‘potential ritual climate’ through dams, floods, burials, and land extraction along the Dez river.

Digital black and white print
20 pages (A6)

Writing and research by Moad Musbahi
Designed by Sarmad

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