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Phuong-Dan - Sememes

Phuong-Dan - Sememes

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Futura Resistenza is excited to present you with the beginnings of a new mix series. Each mix will be 60 minutes long and strictly limited to a run of just 50 mixtapes. Each release will be designed by Cengiz Mengüç and mastered by Felix-Florian Tödtloff, and will come with a personal digital download code.

First in line is Hamburg-based DJ and music curator Phuong-Dan. Departing from the standard chronology of a fixed A- and B-side, the release is comprised of just one title outlining the red thread throughout the whole tape, entitled "Sememes". Derived from the notion of the sememe--the smallest unit of intended meaning found within a word--and itself a palindrome, another notion that goes with the general idea behind this mixtape, the title and accompanying track leave all possible linear narratives behind. In Phuong-Dan's own words: 'All music and sound pieces in this mix could be regarded as individual sememes themselves, or even the whole mix as one in itself... or...'


Phuong-Dan’s all-embracing selection and boundary-breaking sets have earned him wide recognition in the most eclectic spheres of dance music. Almost two decades behind the decks of the Golden Pudel Club he never restrains himself to monotony – in or out of the dancefloor – he combines gigs all over the world with project specific works and musical programming. A good example of the latter are the Gatto Musculoso nights he hosts in Hamburg, which through the years have seen artists of every shape and size. Most recently Phuong-Dan initiated dispari – a label and platform for all kinds of auditory publications and performances at various places.

Mix by Phuong-Dan
Recorded in Hamburg-Germany, 2021
Mastered by Felix-Florian Tödtloff
Artwork by Cengiz Mengüç

Futura Resistenza, Brussels-Rotterdam, 2021

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