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Malieveldgras - Willem de Haan

Malieveldgras - Willem de Haan

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Malieveldgras is a product Willem de Haan developed for the webshop Protest Supplies Store. The unique grass mix is a combination of seeds used by Staatsbosbeheer to maintain the famous Malieveld (The Netherland's most famous grass field, known for the many protests that take place here because of it's location near the parliament), combined with seeds Willem himself cultivated out of a stolen piece of Malieveld. 

​With the product, Willem tries to stimulate alternative forms of (local) protest. Currently, the Malieveld is seen as the go-to location for any type of protest. Though, the COVID-19 virus (including lockdown measures) made it harder for big groups of people to get together on this specific piece of grass. Especially when living far away. The product Malieveldgras offers a possible solution: spreading the political value this famous grass adds to any protest, throughout the whole country.

Each package of Malieveldgras is filled with 30 grams of the unique Malieveldgras seed mix, which should be enough to grow 1,5m² of Malieveld in your own garden or local park. 

This project is made possible with the support of Stichting Stokroos, Schakel025 and Provincie Gelderland. Since its release in August 2020, Malieveldgras has been featured on VICE, NOS, Radio NPO2, 3FM, Omroep West, Radio NPO5 and AD.
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