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Making Kin: Animal Series

Making Kin: Animal Series

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Non-human animals have played an important role in western culture, from children’s fables to cartoon and movie characters in popular and occult media. We tend to represent animals as beings that bring us happiness and companionship; how many TikTok videos appear on your feed (if you have social media) of usually domesticated or captive animals being cute and silly, making us laugh or cry, hypnotizing us with their facial expressions and body language? It is undeniable that we have imposed a very humanistic relationship with specific animals (mainly mammals) in today’s capitalist culture.

This publication convenes writers and non-writers that have experimented with animal embodiment to create literary works and visual interpretations that explore different ways to experience “otherness.” In this volume of the Making Kin series, we focus on non-human animals and hybrid bodies.

When we practice becoming with another’s experience, we practice empathy. When we embody collectiveness, we understand ourselves as a whole and therefore feel no separation. What would it be like to inhabit a body without limits or definition? Which words and meanings make us feel like “non-animals”? The literary genre of xeno fiction proposes an exercise of ethological research and imagination, placing our bodies inside another’s perspective. This publication convenes writers and non-writers that have experimented with animal embodiment. Let's make kin!
EDITED BY: Cthulhu Books
YEAR: 2023
FORMAT: 19 x 13 cm
PAGES: 116
LANGUAGES: Spanish / English
ISBN: 978-84-09-47851-4
PAPER: Interior: Munken Print White 100g Cover: Munken Print white 300g PUBLISHED BY: Cthulhu Books
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