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Futura Resistenza

Lucy Liyou & Eric Frye - Grace

Lucy Liyou & Eric Frye - Grace

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It takes time to heal properly. It takes reflection too. Sometimes it’s only by rearranging and reformulating the world—both inside and around—out of shape, so that everything can fall into place and drop into focus. Lucy Liyou and Eric Frye have both engaged closely with collage and philosophical methods on previous works, approaching music as both a practice and a playground. Coming together in a stream of emailed ideas, edits, and re-edits, Grace is a distillation of both artists’ work to tackle trauma, taking as much from Frye’s ‘heuristic junk’ and algorithmic composition as from Liyou’s stream-of-consciousness ambient diaries and digital missives. Liyou has previously put text-to-speech to effective use on works such as 2021’s Practice, but here both artists implement the tool, littering Grace with resonant sentences dryly hinting at approaching their traumas, fears, and doubts: “Did you know that vigils are not the same as funeral services?...How much more silence can a dead person take?”

Grace is the beautiful result of a covalent bond forged between Frye and Liyou, with the boundary lines blurred and fingerprints overlapping throughout the piece’s duration. The duo swapped files and ideas throughout 2020 and 2021, continuously editing and resculpting a wide range of stem audio files and source sounds into the four-part piece. Flashes of mundane and momentous memories rub up against confused robotic text-to-speech snippets and shimmering processed noises. This piece is a substantial realization of both artists’ worlds, and sees their approaches coming together to create something complementary and fresh, that neither could have made alone. Grace is a piece about tackling life’s messy and winding path, inspired by anits erratic mix of fear and love.

- Tristan Bath
released October 3, 2022

Written by Lucy Liyou & Eric Frye
Mastered by Felix-Florian Tödtloff
Artwork by Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson
Lay-out by Koos Siep
Futura Resistenza, Brussels-Rotterdam, 2022
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