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Meraneh Atashi - Ludic Gardens

Meraneh Atashi - Ludic Gardens

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‘Ludic Garden’ presents new work by Iranian artist Mehraneh Atashi, together with new versions of previous works and essays by various authors. Atashi steadily builds a universe, a constellation that cannot be broken, because it already embodies its ruptures. This universe invites us to inhabit it as well, affecting our way of seeing with its irregular sequence and excavation into memory, transforming and branching out into a possible future. The book explores the assembling of natural and synthetic matter, relocates self-portraits, discusses ghosts and becoming disoriented, and uses memory as material, unfolding parts of Atashi’s universe and revealing its processes.

Mehraneh Atashi, Radna Rumping

120 p, ills colour, 15 x 21 cm, English
Published 2019, by Mehraneh Atashi
ISBN 9789082922400

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