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Futura Resistenza

Leven Signs - Hemp Is Here (LP)

Leven Signs - Hemp Is Here (LP)

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In 1985 a wondrous album titled Hemp Is Here was created by the obscure English duo Leven Signs, composed of Pete Karkut and Maggie Turner. Since then, Hemp Is Here has proven to be a visionary recording that holds a special place in the ongoing expansion of experimental music. Through the method of tape collage, an unclassifiable recording was created that consisted of post-punk and avant-pop sounds, tribal rhythms and dub and folklore elements. The result was an unpretentious yet sonically sophisticated endeavour that subconsciously evoked the twentieth-century avant-gardist and minimalist music traditions. While maintaining a distinctly original sound, their output still contributed to local explorations and remained somewhat in line with other genre-dissolving bands from eighties England like Rimarimba, This Heat, Woo, 23 Skidoo or Eric Random and The Bedlamites.
Released May 17, 2021

All tracks written and performed by Peter Karkut in Bellingham, London, UK, 1984
Vocals by Maggie Turner
Violin on Iraj 11 by Wilf
Additional vocals on Sedes Sapientiae by Jane Worthington
Remastered by Felix-Florian Tödtloff
Design by Koos Siep
Printed in an edition of 150

Futura Resistenza, Brussels/Rotterdam, 2021
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