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Garage School - Fábrica de Conocimiento

Garage School - Fábrica de Conocimiento

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The Escuela de Garaje (Garage School)—along with its version of the ‚Fábrica de Conocimiento’ (Knowledge factory)—was a curatorial proposal set by Laagencia, for the 15 Regional Artist Salons (SNA). Presenting the Garage School project for the 15 ‚Salon Regionales de Artisas‘ (SNA) (15 Regional Artists Salons) was related to the manifest intention of affecting—structurally and institutionally—one of the most relevant programs in Colombia. Specifically: to address how artistic practice and artistic production of objects and the organisation of exhibitions; an approximation that often leaves behind other kinds of political and aesthetic actions.

493 p, 11 x 16,5 cm, Spanish and English
Published 2015, by Diego Garcia Martinez
ISBN 9789584677389


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