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Bonnie Ogilvie & Farida Sedoc - Declaration Of Affiliation

Bonnie Ogilvie & Farida Sedoc - Declaration Of Affiliation

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Inspired by textiles and directed through our heritage, we’ve had in-depth conversations about the influence of fabric and patterns that have evolved over centuries creating devastating systems impactful for many generations to come. But Symbolism changes with time and our last names respectively Oglivie (Scotland) and Macnack (Suriname) encourages us to start a research project about Tartan, its meaning woven into global communities and family systems.

The original meaning of Tartan, is a way of weaving fabric. A result of a very practical technique and combination of what people have in their memory and at their disposal at that time. The checkered pattern is inextricably linked to Scotland. but when people travel > Americans >Europe > Africa > Asia, they bring with them the symbols of their tribes. Therefore this fabric has integrated into several cultural traditions around the world and been subjected to ongoing changes in its way of dressing, color, material and meaning…“

ills color, 12 x 15cm, English
Self-published 2021

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