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Hoe Duur Was Suiker - Cynthia McLeod

Hoe Duur Was Suiker - Cynthia McLeod

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Hoe duur was de suiker? is het succesvolle romandebuut van Cynthia Mc Leod, maar liefst 200.000 exemplaren gingen over de toonbank in Nederland en Suriname. In deze Surinaamse historische roman heeft zij met verve een stukje geschiedenis van Suriname tot leven gebracht. De roman speelt in de periode 1765-1779.

This title is part of a small collection of books by writers born in Suriname or the Dutch Antilles, selected for the bookshop of de Appel on the occasion of celebrating and commemorating 150 years of emancipation. On July 1st, 1863, slavery was abolished by the Dutch law. But enslaved people were not free until 1873, after a 10-year mandatory transition period in which they were required to remain working on the plantations for minimal pay. Keti Koti, or "breaking the chains", is also known as Manspasi Dei or Manspasi Prisiri. 

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