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Cristina Garrido - The (Invisible) Art of Documenting Art

Cristina Garrido - The (Invisible) Art of Documenting Art

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If the installation view of an exhibition exceeds by far the number of spectators that visit a gallery or a museum, we could deduce that the work of the art photographer can have more public than the artists whose work he or she portrays.

This artistic project puts the focus on the figure of the documentary photographer of contemporary art as a fundamental mediator between the work of art and the viewer in the Digital Age. Garrido explores the relationship that is established between the artist, the artwork and the photographer, who irremediably contributes with his/her subjective vision of the art object or exhibition.

The project investigates the paradoxical tension between the growing demand for their images and the discreet recognition these professionals often have in the art system through the conversations Cristina Garrido undertook with eight international art photographers: Andrea Rossetti (Italy), Ela Bilakowska (Italy), Roberto Ruiz (Spain), Peter Cox (The Netherlands), Moritz Bernoully (Germany), Carlos Díaz Corona (Mexico), PJ Rountree (United States) and Erika Barahona Ede (Spain).

Her research resulted in a video piece and a book, which has been published with Caniche Editorial, in which the complete conversations with each photographer are featured, as well as a selection of each photographer´s images.

Published by Caniche Editorial

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