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Cthulhu Books

Compost Reader

Compost Reader

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From Cthulhu Books, we think of the world to come as a great Compost. In composting as our new relational ontology, as our earthly condition. Composting turns us into a single planetary material (humans, beings, objects, technologies). It is the past and it is the future. It is space, place and it is matter. It is a world as a whole, where there are no separate natural and social realms, where there are rituals of celebration, entanglements and interrelationships. Cultivating consciousness from questions rather than answers, from uncertainty and doubt. This book speaks of beginnings, of new relationships, of unstable ways of doing, thinking and being, letting questions beget new questions.

Tongues as long as branches, cockroaches in a ‘hot-history’, the revival of extinct plants, pre-patriarchal paranthropology, thinking with toxic plants in contemporary art, digestive ontologies in a spiral, capitalist bruxism, a business school run by eukaryotes, a society where we pay to eat celebrities, a chumbo, and 800g of bonito tuna fish are some of the matters fermenting in this COMPOST READER.
With Claudia González, Adrian Schindler and Eulàlia Rovira, Gerard Ortín, Jonathon Keats, Marianne Hoffmeister, Yamil Leonardi, Ricardo Quesada, Sonia Fernández Pan, Azucena Castro, Mónica Mays, Michael Wang and Lucrecia Masson.

Institute for Postnatural Studies

Language: Original idiom (English or Spanish texts)

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