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Futura Resistenza

Bryce Hackford - Cloud Holding

Bryce Hackford - Cloud Holding

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Cloud Holding is NYC-based Bryce Hackford's fifth album, and first for Futura Resistenza. Seven sound sculptures are coaxed out of recorded improvisations by a group of musicians--Ka Baird, Shelley Burgon, Alice Cohen, Michael Hurder, Dominika Mazurova, Camilla Padgitt-Coles--and worked into formless figures that express an always drifting present. Guided by the Suzuki Nobara--a kind of electric koto with many traditional instrument sounds and unique pitch adjustment controls--and the lyric-less utterances of the human voice, Cloud Holding traces delicate outlines in a collaborative sound world that shines with mysterious, searching affinity.
Released February 22, 2022

Produced by Bryce Hackford
Basic tracking in Brooklyn, NY, overdubs in various locations
Mixed by Bryce Hackford at 79 Lorimer, 2020
Mastered by Felix-Florian Tödtloff
Cover image: Ian LC Swordy, Cat with Bird and Stones (detail), 2020
Design by Koos Siep

Thank you: Austin Brown, Tom Campbell, Bob Cohen, Matt Evans, Lucy Morris, Moskowitz Bayse, Aaron Scaturro, Frederic Van de Velde

Futura Resistenza
Brussels/Rotterdam, 2022

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