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Capitalo- Euro- or Anthropo-cene - Alireza Abbasy

Capitalo- Euro- or Anthropo-cene - Alireza Abbasy

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Anthropocene has been approached through various disciplines of humanities and within those fields there have been numerous discussions around and criticisms of the whole concept of Anthropocene.

Generally defined as “the current geological age, as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment”, Anthropocene is inherently an issue of tremendous political dimensions, as any change in the current human impact on earth is a political endeavor in essence.

The question that this piece tries to make is, how has our long history of colonialism, slavery and institutionalized racism, played a role in the initiation and development of a political, economic and technological system, which has led to significant destructive human impact on the geology and ecosystems of the earth.

This publication ends with the text of a monologue in darkness, which uses the colossal image on the pediment of the Royal Palace in Amsterdam as its central theme. This monologue in darkness (”faceless monologue”) approaches that image through words only, playing with the haunting mental image, carved out in the subconscious of all of us, even those who have never seen that particular literal image in Amsterdam.
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